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Pete Tompkins BIO
If John Lennon and James Taylor were to have a love child, that child would look and sound like Pete Tompkins. Pete has blended the qualities of John Lennon and James Taylor into his own music over the last thirty years. He has been performing to live audiences for 20.

He covers songs from The Beatles, Eric Clapton, James Taylor, Harry Chapin, America and more. He performs a stirring rendition of The Long and Winding Road by The Beatles that will send shivers down your spine.

Pete has been writing and performing since 1994 and has released five C.D.’s. While growing up he was exposed to everything from The Glenn Miller Orchestra and Miles Davis to The Beatles. The Beatles are his greatest influence and inspiration but James Taylor, Harry Chapin and Eric Clapton have also played a huge role in who he has become as a performer and a writer.

His latest C.D., North Coast Blues was inspired by they cold grey weather of Northeast Ohio.
It’s a mix of blues, rock and folk rock tunes.